DELTA / BAY  The images that make up this submission are part of a project to document the communities that exist along the waterways of the Sacramento ­San Joaquin river delta, and among the margins surrounding the San Francisco Bay. Some of the places featured are growing into the landscape of the metropolitan areas of San Francisco, Oakland, and San Jose. Others are shrinking, swallowed up by this growth. Some seem preserved, isolated by physical boundaries that have shifted around them. 

THE CENTENNIAL VALLEY  The Centennial Valley is a 60-mile long stretch of grass and wetlands lying in a bowl made up by the Centennial and Gravelly Mountains. It is positioned at over 6,000 feet, east of the Continental Divide where it runs along the Montana-Idaho border. The land that makes up the valley includes the Red Rock Lakes National Wildlife Refuge and a handful of ranches, many of which manage their grazing through conservation easements meant to preserve the ecosystem while maintaining local ranching traditions. The valley is part of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, the only intact ecosystem in the lower 48. It provides a critical high elevation corridor for a variety of wildlife including wolves and grizzly bear. The valley's wetland-riparian area is home for over 260 species of birds. 

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